Veritas University Staff Directory

Ogbonnaya Ofor B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD, MCSN, MNMGS, MIAH

Prof. Ogbonnaya Ofor is a Professor of mineral processing and surface chemistry. He has a B.Sc. (Chemistry) London, MSc. (Mineral Processing) Montana, PhD (Physical Chemistry) Port Harcourt. He is a Member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (MCSN), Nigeria Mineral and Geosciences society (NMGS) and International Association of Hydro-geologists (MIAH)

Professor Ogbonnaya Ofor is currently the Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Veritas University Abuja (The Catholic University of Nigeria) and Special Adviser to the Vice Chancellor on Administrative matters.

Professor Ogbonnaya Ofor has also served as;

  • Consultant Mineral Chemist to the National Scientific and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI):- fabricated in conjunction with NASENI engineers, and successfully test run a Solid Minerals Flotation Machine.
  • Consultant Industrial Chemist to Nigeria Coal Corporation (NCC):- fabricated a Chemical Quenching Cooking stove for the NCC.
  • International reviewer for the American Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (JCIS)

Sample journal publications

  1. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1995). “Oleate absorption at Hematite- Water Interface:--“ Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (JCIS) (USA)” 174, 345-350.
  2. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1996). “Effects of Inorganic Ions on oleate adsorption at a Hematite-Water Interface” JCIS (USA) 179, 323-328.
  3. Ogbonnaya Ofor and Christopher Nwoko (1997). “Oleate Flotation of Baryte: Relation between Flotation Recovery and Adsorption Density…” JCIS (USA) 186, 225-233.
  4. Ogbonnaya Ofor and A.C.I. Anusiem (1999). “Kinetics of Oleate Adsorption at a Hematite-water Interface.” JCIS (USA), 220, 219-223.
  5. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1997). “Improved limestone beneficiation by emulsion flotation.” Journal of Mining and Geology (JMG) (Nigeria), No 1, pp 35-38.
  6. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1992). “Flotation of Subbituminous Coal fines, Journal of Minerals and Metallurgical Processing” (USA) 25, pp25-28.
  7. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1992). “Effects of Temperature on the Emulsion Flotation of Hematite.” “Journal of Mining and Metallurgical Processing” (USA), pp1-4.
  8. Ogbonnaya Ofor (1992). “Extraction of Tin from Cassiterite Tailings by Leach-electro winning process”, Journal of Mining and Geology, 28, 1, 125-128.

Published books

  1. “The Mineral Wealth of Nigeria” by Ogbonnaya Ofor. ISBN: 978-2749-04-1. Published 1999 by Versatile Prints, Owerri, Nigeria.
  2. “Essentials of Industrial Chemistry” by Ogbonnaya Ofor. ISBN: 1978-8006-49-3. Published 2002 by Versatile Prints, Owerri, Nigeria.