Veritas University Staff Directory

B.Sc, MBA, Ph.D

Dr. Daniel Oguche is lecturer 1 and Ag. Head of the Department of Banking and Finance. Dr. Daniel Oguche holds a Doctor of philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Management, Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc) in Management Studies and elected member, European Centre for Research Training and Development (UK), Associate member, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, Associate member, Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria and and Advance Certificate in Education.

Key Publications


Oguche, D., Duru, E.C & Omale S.A. (2017). Developing Optimal Decision Strategies for Corporate Profitability. A quantitative approach. International Journal of Information and Review. Vol. 4 (3), 3816-3827.

Omale, S.A, Oguche, D. & Duru, E.C (2017). Impact of Mentoring on staff retention through knowledge transfer: An Empirical Evaluation of Four Private Universities in North Central Zone of Nigeria. Global Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol. 5(2), 14-24.

Oguche, D. (2017). Entrepreneurships Contribution to the Development and Growth of the Nigerian Economy (2005-2015). Veritas International Journal of Entrepreneurships Development. Vol. 1 (1).

Oguche, D. (2014). Recapitalization in the Banking Industry, a case study of some selected banks in Nigeria. Tropical Focus, international Journal Series on Tropical Issues, Vol. 13 (2), 191-195.

Oguche, D. (2012). Quality Control and Sustainable Development in the 3rd world. Tropical Focus, International Journal Series on Tropical Issues, Vol.14 (2) 140-148.