Veritas University Staff Directory

Kingsley Igenepo JOHN B.Sc, M.Sc
Assistant Lecturer


  • Kingsley J. I., Fabian U. A., Victoria I. A., and Mustapha I. O. (2015). Comparative Determination of Chromium, Iron and Lead in Tamburawa Treated and Raw Water Samples. American Chemical Science Journal. 7(4): 254-261.
  • Microwave synthesized and Fenton functionalized Pinus sylvestris bark activated carbon/metal oxides: Insightful study for the effective uptake of antibiotic and anionic dye in water. (Manuscript accepted for publication with Journal of Molecular Liquids on the 13 June, 2018).
  • Peters, O. B. and Kingsley, J. I. (2017). Simplified Calculations in Chemistry. Ibadan: Seagrove Publications Limited. ISBN 978-978-52168-4-4