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Adagbo Onoja B.Sc, M.Sc
Lecturer I

Consolidating my mission in scholarship in terms of the expansion of the critical gaze in International Security (or International Relations if you like) in general and critical geopolitics, in particular, has just attained an extra height to warrant this profile update. The location remains Veritas University, Abuja, that being where I crossed over from being a journal-analyst (rather than a journalist) into formal academia in 2017.

But the mission is just starting even as I can see the fruits of determined efforts in the number of publications so far, a lot of them the convergence of one’s stint as Secretary-General of the National Association of Nigerian Students, (NANS) from 1991 – 1994); pro-democracy/gender and human rights activism, (1991- to date); media professionalism as a Staff Writer with Triumph Newspapers, Concord Press of Nigeria, African Guardian, TSM, Daily Trust, The Nation and, currently, an Editorial Associate of Intervention (1982 to date); involvement in Nigerian foreign policy as Media Adviser to the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister from 1999 to 2003; international NGO activism in 2004; Professional Diploma in Mass Communications with Distinction and later a BSc Political Science (2.1) from Bayero University, Kano, (1991/95); Certificate in Global Energy Politics from the King’s College London Summer School,  (July 2013) followed by graduate studies in International Security at the University of Warwick, (2013 – 2014) as well as in Global Governance/Ethics at the University College London, (2014 – 2015); Advanced Certificate in Education from Veritas University, Abuja, (2018); and, finally, from my on-going doctoral candidacy in Political Science at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria:

Current List of Publications

Onoja, A. (Forthcoming). The Priest – Political Scientist and the Paradox of Identity Conflict. In Adejo, S & Maxwell, D (Eds). Africa and Emerging Trends in Global Politics: Festschrift in Honour of Rev Fr Innocent T. Jooji. Kaduna: Tylak Publishers

Onoja, A. (Forthcoming). Towards the Meta-Osaghae in ‘The Persistence of Conflict in Africa: Conflict Management Failure or Endemic Catastrophe?’ In The Political Dilemmas of Institutions, Diversity and Citizenship in Africa: A Festschrift for Professor Emmanuel Eghosa Osaghae. Ibadan: University of Ibadan Press

Onoja, A. (Forthcoming). Popular culture and emancipatory politics in Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah. In Shadows of Interstitial Life: Critical Essays on African Literature in Honour of Rev. Fr. Professor Amechi N. Akwanya. Berlin: Galda Verlag Press

Onoja, A. 2021. Review – Popular Culture, Geopolitics and Identity. › 2021/01/17 › review-popular-cu

Onoja, A. 2020. How China Lost Nigeria.

Onoja, A. 2020. Victims, Witnesses and Survivors in the Boko Haram Insurgency and the Conceptual Stalemate Over Collateral Damage. Ibadan Journal of Peace and Development, Vol. 8

Onoja, A.2020. Iterability and Newsweek’s Paradigm of Nigeria as ‘Black China’. E – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, › 2020/07/20 › iterability-and-newsweeks-paradigm-

 Onoja, A. 2020. Mapping OTUWA Engagement With ECOWAS. Abuja: OTUWA with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, (FES)

Onoja, A. 2020. Imagining the emancipatory promise of popular geopolitics for Africa. Available online at

Onoja, A. 2019. From ‘Heart of Darkness’ to ‘Africa Rising’: Africa in the geopolitics of narratives. In Uwasomba, C. ed., The Idea of African fiction. 1st ed. Ile-Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University., pp. 1-12.

Onoja, A. (2018). 50 Years After, What is Still Left of Nyerere’s Education for Self-Reliance?”. Journal of Education and Social Policy, Vol. 5, No.4

Onoja, A (2018) “Engaging ECOWAS in the Integration of West Africa: What Role for the Trade Unions and Civil Society in the Sub-Region?” Paper to the Organisation of Trade Unions of West Africa, (OTUWA), Regional Workshop on ‘Engaging With ECOWAS’, October 29,

Onoja, A. 2015. The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television. Journal of Intelligence History, Vol. 14, Issue 1

Onoja, A. 2015. Robert Keohane: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow in American Power in World Politics”,

Onoja, A. 2015. Revisiting Albert and Marco’s Animus And Apologia in the Study of Communication and Peace in Nigerian Politics. In Isaac Olawale AlbertOlusola O. IsolaOlusola Oyeyinka Oyewo (Eds) Communicating Peace and Conflict: Genres, Practices and Challenges. Ibadan: Peace and Conflict Programme, The Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

Onoja, A. 2013. Comment: Confronting Tina Okpara’s Testament of Horror @ UI. Ibadan Journal of Peace and Development, Vol. 2

Onoja, A. 2010. Human Rights and Popular Struggle: A Case Study of Human Rights Advocacy of the Civil Liberties Organisation, (CLO), 1987 – 2007. In Ibrahim, J. and Y’au, Y. Z. (Eds). The Left and Human Rights Struggle in Nigeria. Kano: Centre for Research and Documentation

Onoja, A. 2007. Tearing WIN at the Seams: The 1994 Katsina Debacle. In Ibrahim J and Salihu A. (Eds) Feminism or Male Feminism? The Lives and Times of Women in Nigeria, (WIN). Stockholm/Kano/Abuja: University of Stockholm/Center for Research and Documentation/Network for Women Studies

Onoja, A. 2006. Solid Minerals: Avoiding the Oil Curse” Introductory Note to Civil Society and the EITI in Nigeria, Vol. 2, Abuja: Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, (CISLAC)

Onoja, A. 2001. ed. Plying the Foreign Pitch: Media Portrait of Sule Lamido‘s Stewardship As Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Vol. 11. Abuja: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Onoja, A. 2000. ed. Plying the Foreign Pitch: Media Portrait of Sule Lamido‘s Stewardship As Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister. Vol.1. Abuja: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I am conversation-ready on academic collaboration, literature sharing, and general discussion in the areas I am seeking to specialize. I am reachable via E-mail:   and telephone: +234-8069799337