Veritas University Staff Directory

Obodo Nneamaka Ijie B.Sc, M.Sc

Obodo Nneamaka Ijie started her teaching career in April 2013 in the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy in Veritas University, Abuja. She is also attached to the newly established Centre for Peace and Development. She has attended several conferences, published in different journals and has engaged in chapter contribution. Her area of interest is Conflict Resolution and Peace Practice with special attention to international conflicts in border towns.


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  1. An assessment of Fundamental Human Rights Violations of  2011 Flood Victims in Lagos State : M.A Dissertation
  2. The Impact of Multinational Corporations in Nigeria, A case study of shell 2007. Undergraduate Project
  3. Greentree Agreement and the Fundamental Human Rights of the Bakassi Peninsula Indigenes