Veritas University Staff Directory


A consummate, versatile and performance-driven academic who seek to advance institutions and societies through value adding research, advocacy, human resource management and capacity building. For over a decade, he has been engaged in teaching and research informally and formally andin the Department of Political Science, VeritasUniversity Abuja where he has produced several students who are doing well in various sectors in and outside Nigeria. Within this period, he has not only made a mark through academic achievements but equally involved in advocacy for a better Nigerian society as a public affairs analyst.

As a versatile scholar, he has published in several peer reviewed journals and books as well as participated in local and international conferences. His research interests cover issues of International Relations, Defence and Strategic Studies, development and underdevelopment, International Political Economy(IPE) etc.

AdejohSunday holds a Master of Science Degree in International Relations and he is at the verge of completing his Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Defence and Strategic Studies at the Nigerian Defence Academy and is a member of several professional bodies including the Nigeria Political Science Association (NPSA).


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