Veritas University Staff Directory

Katuka Yaki B.Sc, MPA, PhD
Associate Professor

Dr. Katuka Yaki is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Degree in Public Administration (University of Abuja, 2002), Master of Public Administration (University of Calabar, 2006), and Ph.D. Political Economy and Development Studies (University of Abuja, 2011). His areas of research interests are: Public Administration, Political Economy and Development Studies. Dr. Katuka Yaki is a member of the following professional associations: Certified Institute of Management Nigeria, Practicing License, 0991, 7009;Editorial Board Member Across- Africa Information Service center, East Legon Accra, Ghana, April, 2009; Fellow – certified Institute of Management Nigeria: 0991 – 27th June, 2009; Fellow – Institute of Business Technology Management of Nigeria FIBTM/034/10 (2010); Member – Research and Development Network by International Research and Development Institute, No. 10021513, 15th January, 2010; Basic MANDEL – Management Training Development (Cert No. 45411) Centre for Management Development (2010); Member of Advisory Board Environment and Safety Management Institute (2016); Fellow, Institute of Public Management, Nigeria, 3rd November, 2012;          Fellow Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria (ICA/AF/13-656 12TH     December, 2013; Fellow, Institute of Advanced Entrepreneurship Research and Development (Nigeria). Affiliated to Universidad Empresarial De costa Rica; Fellow,-Institute of Environment and Safety Management. Manuscript No: 10160070. October 7th, 2016; Member, Political Science Association (2016).


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