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Chris AC-Ogbonna B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

B.Sc Econs(Enugu),M.Sc Economic Development(Uniport),ARFAHI,MNES,

MNAEE Ph.D Economic Development (Unical)


* Chris AC-Ogbonna: Key Events in Nigeria. (A Chronicle of Major Events in Nigeria, Published

2004) ISBN978-33412-1-9

* Chris AC-Ogbonna: Should Nigeria Quit Opec? (Published 2004) ISBN978-057-0145


*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Evaluating the Performance of State House of Assembly for National

Development in Nigeria. (A case Study  of Ebonyi State House of Assembly). Journal of

Management and Entrepreneurial Development, University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State

ISSN:2360-8633, Vol. No 3 and 4 March 2014

*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Globalization of the Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria (A case study of

the MTN and Etisalat Mobile Network) Africa Journal of Social Sciences (Journal of the Faculty of

Social Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Nigeria ISSN:2315-604X,Vol.4 No1 June  2013.





*International Journals

*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Public and Private Sector Performance in Nigeria: Problems, Challenges

 and Strategies for Improved Performance. International Journal of Advancement in Management

Science, Pan African Journal Series, JIMST, Medina Accra Ghana, ISSN: 2816-2520, Vol. 8, 2017.

*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Evaluation of the Technical Efficiency Performance of Privatized and None Privatized Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria. Two Stage Analytical Techniques. International Journal of Scientific Research in Social Sciences and Management Sciences, International Research Consortium United Kingdom, ISSN: (Print) 2579-101X, ISSN:(Online) 2579-1928, Vol. 2, No.2, December 2017

*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Determinants of Technical Efficiency Performance of Privatized Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria, An Econometric   Analysis. International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability (IJEDS) European –American Journals of the European Centre for Research Training and Development, Gilliingham Kent United Kingdom, ME 7 4LA, Vol. 2, No 2, 2017

*Chris AC-Ogbonna: Data Envelopment Analysis Technique (DEA) and Technical Efficiency Performance of Privatized and Non Privatized Firms in Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative

Research and Development (IJIRD) ISSN 2278 – 0211, Vol.7, Issue 2, February 2018

*Chis AC-Ogbonna: Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Capital Financing and Economic Growth: An Econometric Analysis. Veritas International Journal of Entrepreneurship Development (VIJED) Department of Entrepreneurial Studies, Veritas University Abuja, Vol.1, No 1, 2018