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B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

Prof. Obansa is a distinguished Economist of global repute and an African scholar. He is currently a sitting professor of Economics at the University of Abuja and a visiting professor of economics at Veritas University, Abuja. He is an alumnus of University of Abuja and University of Lagos. His research interest includes Health Economics and Quantitative Economic Analysis. He has published extensively in reputable national and international journals. He has served in several management and Administrative capacities of University of Abuja and also consulted for several national and international organizations.  Prof Obansa is happily married and their marriage is blessed with children

Key Publications:

1.  Obansa S.A.J. (2002) Globalization  and Ecological Problems in Nigeria.  in Odama, J.S. and Aiyedun, E.A. (eds): Where does Nigeria fit in a globalized Economy? Pp 103-112.

2. Obansa, S.A.J. and Aluko, O.O.(2010): Re-Engineering Nigeria Free Trade Zones (FTZ) For Economic Development: AN Overview. In Adam, J.A. and Obansa, S.A.J. (eds): Nigeria’s Macroeconomic Development Issues and Challenges. Richard & Partners, Abuja., PP 326 - 361

3. Adam, A.J. and Obansa, S.A.J.(2010) Nigeria’s Macroeonomic Development: Issues and Challenges. (eds). Richard and Partners, Abuja.

4. Obansa, S.A.J. (2011) Economics of Onchocerciasis Control in Nigeria; The FCT in Focus. Quil Academic Publisers, Abuja.