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: Prof. Oyinlola Olaniyi is a distinguished Economist of global repute and an African scholar. He is currently a sitting professor of Economics at the University of Abuja and a visiting professor of economics  at Veritas University, Abuja. He is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan, University of Jos, Harvard University Extension School,Galilee College Israel, and Malta University. His research interest includes Public Sector Economics, Macroeconomic Modelling and International Economics. He has published extensively in reputable national and international journals. He has served in several management and Administrative capacities of University of Abuja and also consulted for several national and international organizations.  Prof Olaniyi is happily married and their marriage is blessed with children.

Key Publications:

  1. Olaniyi Oyinlola, (2013), Odyssey of Nigeria’s Economic Development: The Journey So far, University of Abuja Inaugural lecture 10, University of Abuja Press. 24th April 2013.
  2. Oyinlola Olaniyi, Onwube Onyebuchi, Maduakwe Innocent, (2012), Microfinance and Rural Economic Development in Nigeria: A Unit Root      Analysis, SALEM Journal of Management Sciences, Vol. 1 No. July.
  3. Oyinlola Olaniyi, (2010), Rethinking the Government-Private Sector Relationship in Nigeria, Nigeria Journal For Economics and Social Sciences, Vol 52,No 2. Pp109 -134. 
  4. Obiageli  Nnodu, Layi Erinosho, Mustafa Jamda, O Olaniyi et al (2010), Knowledge and Attitudes towards Cervical Cancer and Human       Papillomavirus: A Nigerian Pilot Study, African Journal of Reproductive           Health.
  5. Onwuka, K.O, Olaniyi,O and Onyebuchi O, (2009), “Debt Burden and Foreign Direct Investment Inflow: Evidence from Nigeria”, Journal of    Economics Studies, Vol. 8, No.1,