Veritas University Staff Directory

Simon Koma Okwute B.Sc, PhD

Qualifications: B.Sc, Chemistry( University of Ibadan, Nigeria); Ph.D Organic Chemistry (University of Ibadan, Nigeria); Certificate Public Health and Human Services(University of Kansas-NIH, USA).

 Research Focus: Searching for bioactive natural products from plant extracts for use in agriculture and medicine as pesticides and drugs.

Area of specialization: Organic chemistry and natural products; screening plant extracts for bioactivities; Isolation and spectral characterization of bioactive natural products; Synthesis and pre-clinical evaluation of natural products.

Scholarships and Fellowships Awards:

  1. Postgraduate Scholarship for Ph.D programme, University of Ibadan, for the synthesis of a natural insecticide, guineensine, and related compounds (1974-78).
  2. John Fogarty Senior International Fellowship Award(Postdoctoral) for science-based research in Health and Human Services, under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health and Human Services(NIH,USA) to investigate the antimicrobial activity of a Nigerian medicinal plant, Erythrina mildbraedii, from which 11 antimicrobial compounds known as pterocarpans were isolated and identified using spectroscopy (1988-89).
  3.  Fellowship of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (FCSN, 1998) of which I was the National President for 4 years and member of Council for 15 years.