Veritas University Staff Directory

Felix Idongesit Oyosoro B.A, M.A. Ph.D
Lecturer I

Dr. Felix Oyosoro is a bilingual (French and English) research professional in African Military and Security Studies. He is presently a member of Faculty in the Department of History and International Relations at Veritas University, Abuja and a visiting lecturer at the l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Armées (ENSA) de Porto-Novo, Benin Republic.  Felix has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in International Relations and obtained his Ph.D. in Strategic Studies.

He has collaborated actively with researchers in International Relations, Peace Studies and African Studies through conferences, peer reviewed journal articles and book projects. He has been involved in many collaborative research projects financed by various instances including the Edinburgh Catalyst Fund of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and has carried out both qualitative, quantitative and cross-method research for International and Local Donors, CSOs and NGOs. His research interests lie in International Security Studies, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution and his current research is focused on the need for enhanced Defense Technological and Industrial Bases (DTIBs) in Africa as a means of not only responding adequately to the continental security threats but also to boost the African economy.

Felix is highly proficient in Microsoft Office packages. His major skills include Excellent interpersonal skills; Strong analytical, logical and mathematical skills; excellent communication skills; Ability in clarifying doubts.



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  • Invited Presentation, 8th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS2019). Edinburgh, Scotland.  June 11-14.


  • Invited Discussant, Cyber Information Warfare – Webinar, organized by the Indian Military Review and the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, New Delhi, India, 9th August, 2020.



- Climate Change as a Source of Conflict: The Case of Farmers-Herders Clash and its Effects on Inter-Urban Migration in Nigeria”, Presented at the 8th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS2019), Edinburgh, Scotland, June 11-14.

- Africa and the International Society: Contexts, Constraints and Perspectives, –Panel Convener for the 26th World Congress of the International Political Science Association to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 25 -29 July,2020.

- The 65th Congress/Conference of the Historical Society of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria, 14th – 18th October, 2020.