Veritas University Staff Directory

Lecturer II

Dr Cyril Onyemaechi Oleh has worked at the Political, Media and Public Diplomacy Departments of the Embassy of the United States of America in Nigeria for more than two decades. Within this period, he was engaged in various Public Diplomacy programmes and engagements that included but not limited to working for Voice of America; staff training for local media stations; grant funding for Non-Governmental Organizations, Monitoring and Evaluating US government-funded humanitarian projects, among others. Dr Cyril has written position papers for World Bank projects through UK based Oxford Management Policy Agency and has actively participated in Political, Media and Public Diplomacy engagements within the West and Central African region. He has also participated in several high-level discussions for political and public diplomacy engineering that has produced outstanding results for resolving political conflict quagmires within Nigeria and the region including hot spots in the Niger Delta region, Ethnic and religious conflicts in North Central Nigeria and political agitations in South-Eastern Nigeria.

Widely travelled, internationally and locally, his work has taken him to very difficult and pressured terrains where knowledge, experience and skills become useful tools for creating conflict-free political environments.

Dr Cyril is currently a lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, Veritas University, Abuja.


  1. “The role of civil society and digital technologies in strengthening citizen understanding, debate and accountability in the oil sector, the experience from Nigeria.” (October/November 2019). This is a World Bank-funded report through Oxford Policy Management Institute.
  2. Social Media Practice in Nigeria and National Security: A Study of the 2012 Petrol Anti-Subsidy Removal Protests. (2019), A PhD Thesis.
  3. Deregulation in the Broadcast Media: A Study of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Code, (2011),  M.A. Dissertation.
  4. How Theme Informs Style in T. M. Aluko's “Wrong Ones In the Dock” (1988), [Graduate essay]
  5. Implications of Social Media on Nigeria’s National Security, In Oklobia, J.A. (ed), The Abuja Communicator, Journal of the Department of Theatre Arts (2015), University of Abuja, vol. 3, No, 2, p.192.
  6. “Mama Eko, The Blazing Academia, Spreader of Joy.” In Abah, B. (2015). Mother of Multitudes: A biography of Professor Ebele Ofoma Eko. Lagos, Pensrule Communications Limited.  



  1. “Social Media and Society: The Role of Knights and Ladies in Christian Evangelization” Published in The Sash, a publication of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Kubwa Sub Council, Vol. 2, Issue 1 of November 2018.
  2. Various newspapers/magazine articles in local print media including U. S. embassy in-house journal, CROSSROADS.


SOCIAL MEDIA AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION IN A GLOBALISED WORLD: Tablets and Smart-phones as Instruments for positive Citizen Media Activism.

A seminar Paper presented at the 2nd Calabar International Conference of Theatre & Media, which held at the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria, (27th – 31st August 2019).