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ADIKWU, Michael Umale B.Pharm, M.Pharm, PhD.

ADIKWU, Michael Umale holds a B. Pharm from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (1986), M. Pharm from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (1989) and a PhD from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (1994). He was also a Postdoctoral Fellow at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany (1999-2000), Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Kyoto, Japan (2002) and University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom (2006).          



i).      Genetic Engineering as a Source of Pharmaceuticals and the New Techniques of Drug Delivery (First Degree Project).

ii).     Microencapsulation of Some Anti-malarial Drugs (Masters Degree Dissertation).

iii).    Physico-Chemical Properties and Pharmaceutical Application of Prosopis africana Gum (Ph. D Thesis).


Books and Chapters in Books

i).      Adikwu, M. U. (2003). Job Choice and Challenges for the Graduate Pharmacist. Irawo Press, Makurdi, Nigeria

ii).     Adikwu, M U et al. (2001). Basic Techniques in Pharmaceutics, El-Demak 

          Publishers, Enugu, Nigeria.

iii).    Adikwu, M. U. (2006). What God Says About Politics. Praise Concept Publishers,  Enugu.

iv).    Adikwu, M. U. (2006). The Banner of His Presence. Praise Concept Publishers,  Enugu.

v).     Adikwu, M. U. and Attama A.  (2007). Natural  Products in Wound Healing; Research SignPost, Kerala, India., P. A. Akah, Ed.

vi).   Adikwu, M. U. (2009). The Pains and Gains of Disappointment, Abuja: Arowas Press and Publishers

Vii).   Adikwu, M. U. (2019). A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey. Abuja University Press Limited.

viii).    Adikwu M. U. ed. (2009). Biopolymers in Drug Delivery: Recent Advances and Challenges. Bentham Publishers, Malaysia

ix).  Adikwu, M. U. (2009). Multifarious potentials of tropical animal-derived biopolymers in drug delivery: Lessons from the African snail mucin. In Biopolymers in Drug Delivery: Recent Advances and Challenges, Bentham Publishers, Malaysia, pp. 27-38    

x).  Adikwu, M. U. (co-ed). (2010). Integrating Current African Concepts and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy in a New Word, Pyramid Pharmaceutical Group Inc., USA (In Press). ISSN 2152-7849

xi).     Adikwu, M. U. (2010). Pharmaceutical Research Challenges and Barriers in  

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xii).      Adikwu, M. U. (2010). Pharmacy Practice Barriers and Challenges in

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  xiii).    Adikwu, M. U., J. O. Okafor and E.C. Ibezim (2011). Wound Healing 

            Potentials of Honey-Mucin Combinations, ISBN 978-3-8443-8025-5,

            VDM Verlagsservicegesellschaft mbH, Saarbrucken, Germany

xiv).     Okore, VC, Ibezim, E. C., Adikwu, M. U., Attama, A. A. And Ofokansi,

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xv).  Adikwu, M. U., Uzuegbu, D. B. and Attama, A. A. (2008). Physiology of microorganisms. In: Laboratory Techniques in Pharmaceutical Microbiology; Okore, V. C. and Attama, A. A. (eds.)  Jolyn Publishers, Nsukka, 1-20.

xvii).  Ejikeugwu, Chika, Esimone, C. O. and Adikwu, M. U. (2017).  Antibiogram and Detection of ESBL and MBL in Gram-Negative Bacteria.  LAP

 Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 97833303178892

xviii). Adikwu, M. U. (2019). The Road that Leads to Jerusalem.

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