Veritas University Staff Directory

NJOKU Onwuka Ndukwe

University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), 1966-67; (Civil war interruption), 1970-1972; BA (Hons.)

University of Birmingham, UK; MA (Economic History),1973-1974;

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, PhD (Economic History), 1983-1986.

Fellow, Historical Society of Nigeria


Academic Publications

  1. Books

1.  O. N. Njoku, MBUNDU of Angola [Commissioned by the Heritage Library of African Peoples]; New York: The Rosen Publishing Group Inc; 1997.

 2…., Ohafia: A Heroic Igbo Society. Owerri: Oyeoku Publishers, 2000.

3-----, Economic History of Nigeria, 19th and 20th Centuries. Enugu: Magnet Publishers, 2002.

4-------(ed.); Pre-colonial Economic History of Nigeria. Benin City: Ethiope Publishing Corporation, 2002.

5….. America since Lyndon Johnson: The Unfinished War against Poverty: The Nigerian Connection. Nsukka & Enugu: Chuka Educational Publishers,    2003.

6…. Ohafia: The Challenge of Our Time and The Way Forward. Owerri: Oyeoku Publishers, 2004.

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9…….. Economic History of Nigeria, 19th - 21­­st Centuries. Nsukka: Great AP Express Publishers Ltd; 2013.

10.……… (ed), The Ohafia Spirit: Proceedings of the First-Ever Ohafia Day Celebration. Nsukka: Great AP Express Publishers Ltd; 2014.

Major Journal Articles

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45. …“Mass Poverty, Minority Affluence and Human Rights Predicament in Nigeria,1970-1999. Ikenga: Journal of Africa Studies(in press).

Book Chapters                                                        

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