DR Egbe Fidelis Enang

Staff Position: Lecturer I

Advanced Certificate in Education, History (B.A), History (M.A), History (PhD). Member, Historical Society of Nigeria, Founder, www.historylibraryaffica.com

Key Publications:


  1. The 1914 Amalgamation and the Emergence of Ethnic Minorities Problems in Northern Nigeria. (VUNA Journal of History and International Relations, July 2015)
  2. An Appraisal of Some Federal Government Interventions in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, 1956-2009, (Abuja Journal of Humanities, Vol. 5.Number 3).
  3. The Core and the Periphery: Towards a Better Understanding of the Niger Delta Conflicts, 1960-2015(Kaduna Journal of Humanities (KJH) July-December, 2017 Issue.
  4. Development from the Lower Facet of the Society: Lessons for Nigeria, from Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte in Brazil,1990-2005.( (VUNA Journal of History and International Relations, July 2017)


  1. The Cursed Generations.( Published by Fizima Unique Resources Limited, 2009)
  2. A Historical Appraisal of the Nature, Character and Dimensions of Environmental Conflicts in the Niger Delta, 1966-2015 (Interdisciplinary Studies and Perspectives on Society and Development in Nigeria: Vol. 11: History, politics and Development- Festschrift in honour of Prof. W.B. Qurix, 2016)