Staff Position: Professor

Prof. Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi is a distinguished African scholar and a world class economist. He was a visiting professor of economics (econometrics) at Bingham University, Abuja as well as professor of econometrics at Federal University of Agriculture umudike.. He is an alumnus of University of Warwick, University of Ibadan, and University of Nigeria. His research interest includes computational economics, macro-econometrics and general equilibrium modeling. He has published extensively (electronically) in reputable national and international journals. He has also consulted for several national and international organizations. Recently, he was ranked as one of the best two hundred young economists in the world (  Prof Nwaobi is currently a professor of  econometrics at  Veritas Umiversity, Abuja as well as  the research director of Quantitative Economic Research Bureau, Nigeria, West Africa (  He is happily married and their marriage is blessed with children

Key Publications

1. Modern Econo (Metric) Modelling For Developing Economies 1, Abuja: Quanterb/Good Time Press Isnb: 978-35424-0-2(2001).


2. Modern Econometric Modelling For Developing Economies Ii (2006)

Aba: Quanterb/Jothel Press Isbn:

3. Modern Econometric Modelling For Developing Economies Iii (2012)

Lagos: Quanterb/Applause Communication Press Isbn: 978-978-35424-

4. Emering Industrial Innovation Strategies Challenges And Sustainability (2014) Aba Prestige Press Isbn:978-978-35424-4-0