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Background Information

The School of Postgraduate Studies of Veritas University, Abuja started as the College of Postgraduate Studies as approved in a resolution passed at the 32nd Meeting of Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on January 31, 2013 for the commencement of higher degree programmes in the University. Following the resolution of the Senate of the University to convert from the collegiate system to the faculty and school system, the College was renamed the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) following the decision of the 92nd Meeting of Veritas University, Abuja held on October 31, 2019. Academic activities started during the 2014/2015 academic session following successful resource verification by the National Universities Commission. In July 2019, the School obtained approval for the commencement of additional postgraduate programmes and the programmes of the School was again expanded in March 2022 following successful resource verification exercises by the National Universities Commission. The School of Postgraduate Studies runs programmes which responds to the demands for human capital development to meet the challenges of contemporary societies through innovative, focused, and problem-based research for sustainable development. The listed postgraduate programmes below are designed according to the Benchmark approved by National Universities Commission. The School ensures quality delivery which is flexible, stable, reliable and customized to meet the needs of individual students and the needs of the society.


The Postgraduate programmes in the University are driven by flexibility, reliability, stability and customization and anchored on the following philosophy:

  1. Widening the space for creativity, personal initiative and entrepreneurship built on Christian ethos;
  2. Drawing attention to unrecognized problems and widening the scope for sustainable human development;
  3. Creating an enabling environment for diversification of human understanding of local and international issues for sustainable development;
  4. Making clear and definite contribution to knowledge capable of impacting life and society;
  5. Deploying technologies for the enhance of quality life and dignity of the human person and;
  6. Cherishing truth as cardinal in the pursuit of knowledge, research integrity and credibility.


To be an accessible major research and specialized training centre, providing solutions to key human development challenges in the context of holistic human formation


Provide high quality, research-based graduates for outstanding careers in all spheres of life

Our Programmes



    (PGD/M.Sc./Ph.D. Accounting )

    1. Finance
    2. Taxation
    3. Public Sector Accounting
    4. Forensic Accounting
  • PGD Education (PGDE)
  • M.Ed Education English

    (PGD/M.Sc.Business Administration )

  • Master's of Business Administration (MBA)

    ( PGD/M.Sc./Ph.D. Economic )

    1. Corporate Finance and Investment
    2. Economic Theory
    3. Economics Development and Planning
    4. Environmental Energy Economics
    5. Industrial Economics/Labour and Industrial Relations
    6. International Economics
    7. Monetary Economics
    8. Public Sector Economics
    9. Quantitative Economics
    1. PGD Education (PGDE)
    2. M.Ed Education Management
    3. M.Ed Guidance and Counseling

    (M.A./Ph.D English and Literary Studies)

  • English Langauge
  • Literature

      (M.A. History and International Relations)

    1. Economic History
    2. Historiography
    3. International Relations
    4. Diplomatic History
    5. Nigeria and African History
    6. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
    7. Social and Culture History
  • PGD Marketing

    (PGD/M.Sc./Ph.D. Mass Communication )

    1. Broadcasting & Film Studies
    2. Development Communication
    3. Information & Media Studies
    4. Journalism & Media Studies
    5. Public Relations & Advertising

    (PGD/M.Sc. Microbiology )

    1. Environmental Microbiology
    2. Industrial Microbiology
    3. Medical Microbiology

      (PGD/M.A. Philosophy)

    1. African Philosophy
    2. Ethics (Moral Philosophy)
    3. Epistemology
    4. History of Philosophy
    5. Methaphysics
    6. Philosophy of Law
    7. Political Philosophy

    (PGD/M.Sc./Ph.D. Political Science )

    1. Political Economy
    2. Policy Analysis
    3. International Relations

    (PGD/M.Sc.Public Administration )

  • Master's of Public Administration (MPA)

    (PGD/M.Sc. Chemistry )

    1. Analytical Chemistry
    2. Organic/Natural Product Chemistry
    3. Physical Chemistry
    4. Polymer Chemistry

    (PGD/M.Sc. Physics )

    1. Electronic/Communication
    2. Geophysics
    3. Radiation/Health Physics
The objectives of the School of Postgraduate Studies
  • Promote the truth in academic and research activities in the light of evident and prevailing circumstances
  • Engage in quality research endeavours and deploy technologies with a view to finding solutions to local and global challenges for the enhancement of human dignity and sustainability.
  • Conduct research that is sensitive to current society problems society but with global relevance; and
  • Encourage international linkages and collaborations in research with the aim of pushing the frontiers of knowledge in the spirit of globalization and internationalization
  • Our Strategic Goal is to achieve acceptance and recognition as the beacon of postgraduate studies in the Federal Capital Territory and to become the centre of excellence in postgraduate studies and research in Nigeria.

Contact Info

School of Postgraduate Studies
Veritas University, Abuja


Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Dean's Desk
Admission Information
Academic Requirements

The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) of Veritas University, Abuja was conceived as a centre of research; within the overarching mission of the University which is “to inspire and motivate staff and students discover the truth for the service of God and humanity” driven by the vision of the University “to create a dynamic Catholic University for academic and moral excellence and to advance the truth to every generation”. Armed with the mission and vision of the University, the School of Postgraduate Studies has as its mission “to provide high quality, research-based graduates for outstanding careers in all spheres of life” with the vision of becoming a major research and specialized training centre, providing solutions to key human development challenges in the context of holistic human formation accessible to all.

The School of Postgraduate Studies was established following a resolution of the University Senate which was passed at the 32nd Meeting of Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on January 31, 2013. Academic activities started in the Postgraduate School during the 2014/2015 academic session following successful resource verification of the National Universities Commission (NUC) with Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s degree programmes in Economics, English and Literary Studies, History, Political Science and Diplomacy, Pure and Applied Chemistry and Applied Physics.

The School of Postgraduate Studies runs flexible, stable, and reliable programmes which blends onsite and online delivery modes. The programmes are customized to meet the needs of graduate students and the society within the values of hard work, innovation, service, integrity, and creativity.

Welcome to the School of Postgraduate Studies. Welcome to an academic family of choice. In the School of Postgraduate Studies, we support and care for you.


Professor Gabriel B. Egbe
Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies


VERITAS University (The Catholic University of Nigeria) is a private university licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The School of Postgraduate Studies of Veritas University, Abuja, was established as a response to the demand of the second phase of the developmental strategy of the University, for the purpose of training in research that provides solutions to key human developmental challenges and to develop research skills/innovation that focus on contemporary issues for sustainable development.

The School of Postgraduate Studies, Veritas University, Abuja, (the Catholic University of Nigeria) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates from recognized Institutions for admission into it's Postgraduate programmes.

  • Candidates for Postgraduate admissions MUST possess five (5) credit passes at O’ level including English Language and Mathematics.
    • A. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
  • A candidate with at least a Third-Class degree in a related field OR HND holders with a minimum of UPPER CREDIT from recognized institutions
    • B. Master’s Programmes
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with a minimum of Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in relevant discipline OR Candidates with a PGD at credit level pass (i.e at least 3.50) on a 5.00-point scale).
    • C. Doctor of Philosophy Programmes
  • Candidates must possess a Master’s degree with a CGPA of at least 3.50 on a 5.00-point scale.
  • All application must be accompanied by academic transcripts and referee’s reports.
  • The School of Postgraduate Studies of Veritas University may take registered students of higher degrees from other Universities on transfer if they meet the University's conditions for entry to such programmes.
  • Original and photocopies of qualifying certificates.
  • Original and photocopy of NYSC certificate/Exemption certificate (where applicable)
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Academic Transcript (To be forwarded directly to "Dean, Schhol of Postgraduate Studies, Veritas University, Abuja" by candidate's University).
  • Taught courses will be externally moderated. The setting of questions will involve the vetting by external Examiners, and when graded by the internal examiners, the scripts will be forwarded to the external examiners for verification of the marks and grades and the scripts returned to the departments.
  • All results must be approved by the College Board and Senate.
  • 'Externally examined' should mean to vet, check the marking scheme and questions before and after written examination and report to the Vice- Chancellor.
  • Candidate should have a minimum of 3.0 CGPA.
  • Supervision will be conducted by a team of supervisors for the Masters degree and above. This is necessary to ensure that all areas of a subject (topic) are effectively considered especially where the students have to deal with an inter-disciplinary subject.
  • Candidate whose research work is considered to be unsatisfactory by his Department will be asked to withdraw on a resolution of the College Board and Senate respectively.
  • Copies of all Dissertations will reach the Postgraduate School at least two months before the Convocation in which the candidate wants to be presented for the award of the degree.
  • A minimum of six copies of the final work of the temporarily bound Dissertation will be submitted to the department. After the Dissertation defence, the candidate will make all necessary corrections and submit four copies of the properly bound Dissertation with certification by the Board of Examiners to the Postgraduate School.
  • For each Postgraduate student, there will be a Board of Examiners for Dissertation defence comprising at least five members, which must include members of the project Supervisory Committee, the External Examiner, who will be the Chairman and must be someone of at least Senior Lecturer grade, and a representative of the Postgraduate School who must be an academic with relevant background.
  • There will be an oral defence of Dissertation, and each student must satisfy the Examiners in this regard in order to qualify for graduation.
  • For a student to be in good academic standing, he/she must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 at theend of each Session. This will be so whether it is masters degree or PGD programme.
  • A student who absents him/herself for two consecutive semesters without a valid reason may be asked to withdraw from the University, irrespective of his cumulative grade point average.

The Application Process


Start Application

Visit the Admissions portal, and register with a valid email address to create an account.


Pay Application Fee

On the admissions portal, you will be requested to pay an Application fee of Ten thousand Naira only (N 10,000.00) for Postgraduate Students and Four thousand five hundred Naira only (N 4,500.00) for Undergraduate students.


Fill out forms

Fill out the forms by providing the appropriate information required. Please ensure that you review your forms properly before submission.


Review of Submissions

Your submissions will be reviewed by a panel made up of members of the Central Admissions Committee at Veritas University, to ascertain your eligibility to study with us.


Interviewing Process

After the review, you will be scheduled for an online or physical Interview with a member of the Central Admissions Committee.


Final Decision

Upon completion of the Interview process, successful candidates will be contacted and issued admission letters.

Things you should Know before you begin your application:

  • Ensure that all supporting documents (Olevel results, Transcript, Result/Statement of Result, NYSC certificate or Exemption and others ) required for your application are available.
  • On the admissions portal, you will be requested to pay an Application fee of Ten thousand Naira only (N 10000.00) for Postgraduate Students and Four thousand five hundred Naira only (N 4500.00) for Undergraduate students.
  • Ensure you have valid and functional email address and phone number for use in you r application

Remita Payment Procedure

1 Select Payment
2 Generate RRR and click on Pay
3 Enter card details and proceed to payment

For Further Enquiries

Please call/Whatsapp: +2348033449268,

You can also reach us through the following emails: OR

Why the Choice of Veritas?

With more than 30 undergraduate programmes and 35 Postgraduate programmes to choose from, Veritas University offers you a unique opportunity to be the very best that you can be.

Located in a serene environment enveloped by nature and boasting state of the art facilities for study and recreation, you are assured that your experience here at Veritas University will be a pleasant one.