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The School of Postgraduate Studies of Veritas University, Abuja was conceived as a centre of research excellence for training in research and the extraction of truth which is incontrovertible in all its ramifications given contemporary assault on its elements. The School was established as a response to the demands of the second phase development strategy of the University. Consequently, the establishment of the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) was approved by the University Senate through a resolution passed at the 32nd Meeting of Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on January 31, 2013. The principles for establishing the School are in tandem with the statutes that established Veritas University as conceptualized by its founding fathers.  A key point in their idea of a university and the training of young people is a formation process which holistically ensures that graduates of Veritas University are brought up to live the Christian life through integrity, humility, hard work, discipline creativeness as enshrined in the practice of the Catholic faith. The College of Post graduate Studies was conceived to promote these core values in the engagement of teaching, research and community service.


The vision of the School is to see Veritas University become a major centre of research in the next decade and in particular a specialized training centre providing solutions to key human development challenges in the context of holistic human formation process accessible to all.


Through research and training, the mission of the School is to develop research skills that focus on sustainable human development in the humanities, social sciences and natural and applied sciences where national and international bottle necks obstruct human and technological progress.

The objectives of the School are:
  • Bring out the truth in the light of evident and prevailing circumstances
  • Observe and research into renewal programmes and technologies to find solutions to limiting factors the process human development in order to preserve human existence.
  • Research work in the University will not only be sensitive to current problems of the society but draw its focus from global threads and trends given Nigeria’s international relevance.
  • The University’s global context therefore, means that international linkages will play a significant role as the students will be encouraged to aim at pushing further the frontiers of knowledge.
  • Research and post-graduate work in the University will address, mindful of project effort into local and international collaboration, the obstacles to development in Africa particularly, Nigeria.