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Theology is an objective study with over 2000 years of intellectual history. Unfortunately, in modern times, Theology ranks very low on the totem pole of academic status. At Veritas University, we seek to address and counter this trend. Theology goes beyond just knowing the faith. Theology seeks to deepen the student’s understanding and love of God, while helping them appreciate the beauty of his revelation in Jesus Christ and through his Holy Spirit. The program, will help the student experience a dynamic orthodoxy that illuminates God’s eternal truth and remains passionately faithful to Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. The Theology Department at VERITAS University boasts an active faculty that is prolific in research and publishing and has a strong commitment to service. As an essential component of the core curriculum, Theology reinforces the Catholic Identity of the University. The discipline of Theology is indispensable for maintaining both the synthesis of knowledge and the dialogue of faith and reason that are the hallmarks of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. If the University is the place where the Church does its thinking, then the Department of Theology should be the launching pad and the secondary Magisterium of the Local Church. At the end of the day, Theologians must strive be the conscience of the congregation.

Our Programmes

Bachelor of Sacred Theology B.S.T

Brief History

The Faculty of Theology at Veritas University Abuja, is one of the academic departments in the College of Humanities. The Faculty was established to comply with the wholistic Philosophy of Theological Studies as articulated by the BMAS (Benchmark of Minimum Academic Standards) which states that it shall “…cover all facets of religious phenomena as they affect the history, tradition, economic, social, political and ethics of man (human life).

Aims and Objectives of the Curriculum

The Plan and Programme of studies (curriculum) offered by the Faculty of Theology of Veritas University for the Baccalaureate is intended to profoundly study and systematically explain, according to the scientific method proper to it, Catholic doctrine, derived with the greatest care from divine revelation. It has the further aim of carefully seeking the solution to human problems in the light that same revelation.1 It also aims at solving the current human and environmental complex problems, to search for synthesis of knowledge and to have a dialogue between faith and reason, as well as incarnate the Gospel into cultures, Africa and Nigeria in particular (John 1:14). In fact, as stated in Ex Corde Ecclesiae, this Theology Programme serves all other disciplines in their search for meaning, not only helping them to investigate how their discoveries will affect individuals and society, but by bringing a perspective and an orientation not contained within their own methodologies. By this Faculty interacting with other Faculties and disciplines in Veritas University, and their discoveries enriching theology, offering it a better understanding of the world today, and making theological research more relevant to current needs in Africa and beyond. In order to achieve the above objectives, the Programme of studies, in the three Cycles, booklet in accordance with the documents of the Vatican II, Pope Francis’ Apostolic Constitution, Veritatis Gaudium, the 2016 Ratio Fundamentalis, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Code of Canon Laws (cc.807- 821), the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortations, Ecclesia in Africa and Africae Manus, as well the pastoral directives of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). The Faculty of Theology Cycles in Veritas offers three successive Cycles of studies, each one terminating with the conferment of an academic degree: The Baccalaureate (STB), the Licentiate (STL) and the Doctorate (STD).

The Aims and Objectives of the B.S.T. in Theology Programme are as follows: -
  • To initiate students into a global theological view of the Christian mystery, covering presentation of all the disciplines along with an introduction into scientific methodology;
  • To present systematically in an organic exposition of the whole of the Catholic Doctrine found in Revelation and the living tradition in order to relate it to life situation (Sitz- im- Leben);
  • To form men and women who will serve the Church in various ministries and leadership.

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Our Mission/Vision
Admission Requirement
Departmental Staff

The mission of the undergraduate Program in Theology is to guide students in interpreting, reasoning, and understanding their faith. The Program’s goal is for students to engage in undergraduate-level learning in all areas of Catholic Theology: Scripture, the Church, the development and reception of doctrine, the Christian vision of the human person and the moral life, as well as the Church in relation to other religious traditions, science, education, law, and medicine. The Program seeks to cultivate informed thinkers and practitioners capable of lifelong theological study and applying their knowledge to diverse situations: among their families, colleagues, friends, patients, clients, and others whom they may encounter. Anchored on the University’s motto which is ‘Seeking the Truth’, students graduating from the Faculty of Theology should be clearly and positively initiated into the whole of theology and develop their capacity for critical reflection and personal study. They will find in the series of cycle the preparation for an academic career, the instruction required for the reception of priestly ministry and the theological formation needed for serious evangelization. The Programme is inclusive of the human sciences and it integrates a theological synthesis in fidelity to the Gospel, the Church’s Tradition and the Magisterium. Students of theology are expected at the end of their training to become theology teachers in various institutions; they could become counselors in the public and private sectors: banks, hospitals, prisons, film industry.

Admission Requirement

The minimum requirement for candidates seeking admission into the Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree programme of Veritas University, Abuja are as follows:

Entry requirement

The Faculty of Theology is open to all qualified students, male and female, who can legally give testimony to leading a moral life and to have completed the previous studies appropriate to enrolling in the Faculty. Clerical and religious students shall need the permission of their Ordinary/Superior to join the Faculty. The lay students shall need a letter of recommendation from their Ordinary to join the Faculty.

Entry Requirement for First Cycle
  • Ordinary level, WASC/GCE with not less than 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics. That is to say, a secondary school (high school) diploma or certificate which would qualify the applicant for admission into a University in Nigeria.
  • A Cum Laude Baccalaureate in Philosophy or its equivalent
  • A successful completion of two years of university-level study in philosophy (Propaedeutic Courses), including courses in Logic, Epistemology, Philosophical Psychology (Philosophy of the Human Person, Philosophical Anthropology), Philosophy of Nature, Ethics (Moral Philosophy), Metaphysics, and the History of Philosophy.
  • A knowledge of the elements of form and syntax of Latin; And a sufficient knowledge of English Language.

Furthermore, the University reserves the right to screen Direct Entry candidates before admission

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