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The Health Systems and Development Research Group (HSDRG) is a research and programming foundation domiciled at the office of the Vice Chancellor, Veritas University, Bwari Area Council, Abuja.
HEALTH SYSTEMS & DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH GROUP (HSDRG) was established in 2019, and is covered by the legal incorporation of Veritas University. HSDRG is a multidisciplinary team comprising Health Economists, Development Economists, Project Managers, Public Health Physicians, Political Scientists, Microbiologists, Sociologists, Development Historians, and Philosophy etc. HSDRG has established capacity in health systems, policy and economics and social research. The organization possesses expertise and requisite skills for undertaking large-scale community-based studies, especially implementation surveys and operations research, as well as capacity development activities through structured and tailor-made training programmes. Thus, HSDRG has research and training capacities including but not limited to programme monitoring and evaluation, health economics, especially economic evaluation, health financing, health sector reforms as well as demand and supply analysis (markets for health and healthcare). In addition, HSDRG possesses top-level strengths in scaling-up health interventions, human resources for health, health systems and policy research. The Group core team members possess post-graduate degrees (MSc, PhD, post-doctoral and Professorial) in Health Economics, Development Economics, Public Health, Social Sciences, Contemporary Development Philosophy, etc. there is also a retinue of high-level technical manpower volunteer corps that can be mobilized for the implementation of targeted activities as may be required by specific projects. Consequently, at the core of HRDRG mission is our resolve at “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” towards addressing the challenges of a complex—and increasingly diverse—world.

HSDRG core services are:
  • Health Programme Design and Implementation
  • Health Financing & Economic Reviews
  • Public Financial Management
  • Policy Analysis & Development
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning
  • Human Resources for Development

HSDRG Contact Info

Veritas University, Abuja



Health Systems and Development Research Group (HSDRG) has a wide range of area of interest. The areas vary, and include but are not limited to Development research, Public Policy and Advocacy, Health systems research, Economic empowerment, Development research and services, Intervention/Project evaluations, Research/Idea incubation, Knowledge translation/brokerage, Public health education and services, Capacity building/Consultancy services, Gender mainstreaming and diversity, equity and inclusion, Public Policy, Women & Youth empowerment, Entrepreneurship/ Livelihood etc.

Some HSDRG projects include:

  1. African Meta-Theory Project: In collaboration with a team of erudite scholars, the HSDRG is currently working on developing an inclusive Afro-centric and evidence-based Meta-Theory for African development and change.

  2. Sigrun Group Multi-Specialty Hospital Study.
  3. Assessment of State-Assisted Social Health Insurance Scheme, Gombe State.
  4. Restorative Reproductive Health Services by Health Dimensions.

Some HSDRG projects include:

  1. African Health Observatory Platform (AHOP/ WHO/HPRG)

  2. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)
  3. Veterinary Council of Nigeria
  4. Centre for Gender Studies
  5. Vaccine Network for Disease Control


The technical team of HSDRG is comfortable to support individuals, organizations, public institutions and businesses (SMEs and large corporations) to navigate and resolve their respective formational, operational and futuristic needs in a professional and confident manner.