To established a department that is firmly equipped with theory and research as well as practical knowledge in all facets of mass communication as required anywhere in the globe


To imbibe the culture of ethical training of students as well as teaching staff, to effectively render efficient service to the society in teaching and research as well as development in various areas of mass communication.


The mass communication programme is primarily predicated on the provision of quality education in the areas of Radio, Television, Film and Newspaper and magazine content production and management, as well as advertising and public relations. Other emerging areas of communication are also considered. Aside from this, it will employ knowledge drawn from various segments of society into the proper foregrounding of related issues. In this regard, the sociology of the media and its intricate relationship to societal development would be very pivotal to the study of this discipline. The essential thread for appreciating this relationship is in the offerings that are provided by the various media.

Therefore, a concerted effort would be made to ensure that from training quality expected of our products (students), their output would be commensurate to industry standards in Nigeria and indeed elsewhere.

  1. To produce high quality graduates in mass communication to serve our society.
  2. To produce adequate manpower in the area of Radio and Television, Film, Public Relation, Advertising, Newspaper and Magazines, as well as other related areas of communication.
  3. To inculcate into its graduates, the ethics of the profession respect for truth and fairness doctrine.
  4. To enhance communication for development in the state and at the national level.
  5. To promote cooperation and understanding in the society.
  6. To ensure sound training in practice theory and research.