History of the Department

The Department of History and International Relations is one of the two foundation Departments of the College of Arts and Theological Studies of Veritas University, Abuja, (The Catholic University of Nigeria) which has recently been created from the defunct College of Management, Social Sciences Arts and Theological Studies (MSAT) by Professor Michael Kwanashie, the current Vice chancellor. Dr Apya Nongonan Hyacinth is the Pioneer Head of Department. The Department offers combined undergraduate degree programme, B.A. History and International Relations.

 Philosophy of the Department

The B.A (Hons) History and International relations programme reflects the belief that a proper understanding of history, apart from being indispensable to an educated individual, should embrace some perspectives from related disciplines in the humanities hence its combination with the field of International Relations. The programme also embraces other aspects of humanities, Social Sciences and the natural sciences. In tune with the philosophy of VUNA which is a faith-based institution, the department, in addition to emphasising the history and teachings of the church emphasises and adopt the multidisciplinary approach to the study of development of human society over time.
            To achieve this therefore, students are exposed to the major areas of human development and international relations as well as social teachings and history of the church in their first and second year of the programme. In their third and fourth year, students are carefully exposed to much more specialised areas of history and international relations to guide them in making their choices of specialisation. In their final (fourth) year, students are encouraged to undertake small scale research in form of a long essay (project work). In addition, a number of specialised courses are offered in order allow them have a feel of contemporary issues in international arena and historical issues.


   In addition to giving the students a thorough understanding of the history of Nigeria, Africa and contemporary issues in international relations, students will acquire the skills to critically and rigorously analyse local and global historical movements that have shaped and continue to shape the lives of ordinary people in Nigeria Africa and the world over.
            In addition to the intellectual alertness that arise from the knowledge of history; students will also acquire the analytical faculty to and balanced judgement in readiness for research, administrative and managerial responsibilities. Students are also expected to acquire the awareness on how the realities of our contemporary world necessitate comparative study of other major areas of Europe and Asia and the new insights into the main political, social and economic forces that have shaped specific historical events and also how these historical events and other factors have enhanced or impeded world historical development.