The Programme in Entrepreneurship was established as part of the second phase development strategy of the University which is among others, consolidation of existing programmes and creation of new ones in line with national needs. The Programme was therefore established to award a B.Sc. degree in Entrepreneurship as one of the programmes in the Department of Business Administration in the College of Management Sciences as approved by the University Senate through a resolution passed at the 32nd Meeting of the Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on January 31, 2013.  The department of Entrepreneurial Studies became a full-fledged department as approved by the University Senate through a resolution passed at the 59th Meeting of the Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on31st March, 2016.    In the new structure, the Department houses one undergraduate degree programme and a Centre:

  • B.Sc. Entrepreneurship;
  • Entrepreneurship Development Centre

The academic curricula of the three programmes of the Department tailored the Benchmark and Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) stipulated by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the examination syllabi of the relevant professional bodies, and Institute of Entrepreneurs to which many of the undergraduate students aspire to belong.
Government is cognisant of the necessity to imbue graduates with the mindset of enterprise and innovativeness in order to generate and realise new opportunities in the economy. Federal Government in 2002 directed that Entrepreneurship Studies be injected into the curriculum of University Education in Nigeria.  Since then, it has been introduced as General Studies (GST).  The object was to empower students to be able to harness opportunities and be self-reliant as they become job-creators and not job seekers. 

12.2 Philosophy and Objectives of the Programme
The philosophy of the B. Sc programme in Entrepreneurship is the development of a breed of achievers, innovators and entrepreneurs who will provide the leadership in the development of the Nigerian economy and shoulder the responsibility of transforming the mindset of Nigerian youths through teaching, training and consultancy for the development of a national culture of enterprise and productivity.


The major objectives of the degree programme in entrepreneurship are as follows:
(a)        To develop a group of competent professionals in the field of entrepreneurship who will be responsible for transforming the mindset of Nigerian youths towards enterprise and innovation.
(b)       To increase the achievement motivation in our youths through the psychological empowerment obtainable from entrepreneurship training.
(c)        To equip Nigerian youths with skills and competencies in venture opportunity identification, feasibility assessment, business plan development, venture creation and new venture management.
(d)       To instill in our youths the capacity for independent thought, economic freedom and creativity.
(e)        To imbibe in our younger generations a greater magnitude of the urge to achieve, excel and compete, through honest and meaningful ventures that add value to national and societal well-being.