Veritas University, Abuja; (The catholic University of Nigeria)
was established by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), with a Motto: SEEKING THE TRUTH, to promote the highest standard of teaching, research and community service while providing a balanced education for the acquisition of knowledge, practical life skills and moral rectitude.

The College of Education of the university operates in the spirit of the founding fathers to respond to the aspirations of Nigerians yearning for quality service delivery in all spheres of life.


The objectives of the College are:
  • To produce prospective teachers with proper leadership qualities based on Catholic orientation.
  • To produce teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to contribute to the growth and development of their communities in particular and their nation in general.
  • To produce teachers who have sound mastery of their subject areas and the ability to impart such knowledge to their students.
  • To equip teachers with a mastery of problem solving skills and to enhance the skills of teachers in the use of new technologies.
  • To produce highly committed, motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for our educational system.
  • The production of teachers with strong moral values, self-reliance and entrepreneurial capabilities for the social and economic benefit of themselves and the Nigerian society.
  • To help teachers to fit into the social life of the community and society at large and enhance their commitment to national objectives
  • To provide teachers with the intellectual and professional background, adequate for their alignment and to make them adaptable to any changing situation, not only in the life of their country but in the wide world.
  • To encourage the spirit of enquiry and creativity in teachers.