Economics is one of the foundation courses of the College of Management and Social Sciences Studies (MAS) of Veritas University, Abuja. At inception in 2008, it was a programme of study in the Department of Management and Social Sciences. Following the split of the department in the 2013/14 academic session, the programme now domiciles in the Department of Economics.


The Department seeks to develop deeper knowledge of the Study of Economics where the various disciplines are pursued with effective articulation of ideas aimed at impacting on the society.


To structure programme that will meet the needs of the graduates and enhance government realization of socio-political and economic objectives of the country and provide further research for knowledge advancement.


The philosophy of the economics programme in Veritas University is to produce graduates equipped with critical skills and abilities to abstract, using simplified models that identify the essence of a problem and reason deductively, marshal evidence, assimilate structures, analyze qualitative and quantitative data and communicate concisely the findings to the Nigerian Authority for better policy making and implementation.



1. To inculcate in the students a deep understanding and deep appreciation of the fundamentals and theories in Economics discipline

2. To ensure students with technical analytical tools for research and policy work in public and private sectors

3. To prepare students for rigorous post-graduate and academic pursuits in all areas of economics discipline.

4. To prepare students for decision-making challenges as professional economist in the industries and professional careers.

5. To ensure competitive positioning in the world of practical survival of the fittest for the graduates of this course,

6. Provision of adequate and technical preparation in professional pursuits and careers in other related field as in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Marketing, Management, Planning and Counseling practice in any economy.