To create a class of scientists, par excellence, who devote their studies to the investigation of the nature of matter and its applicability in solving man’s problems in a non – toxic environment.


To seek knowledge truthfully from Christian principles and using scientific methods to understand the nature of matter and its uses       


The philosophy of the Department is in line with that of the University: to search for the TRUTH scientifically by studying matter (science of chemistry), in order to provide knowledge for the understanding of the nature of matter and its applicability for the integral and holistic formation of man in order to advance knowledge in the service of God and humanity.

Chemistry is the science that deals with the nature of matter. Chemistry is fundamental to all other sciences; it is the centre science which leads to the understanding of matter, hence chemistry is studied as pure science as well as an applied science; in the first case ,it observes and explains the nature: structure, composition, the properties and the laws  that govern the characteristics of matter; in the second case, it modifies natural products and creates (synthesizes) new substances and utilizes both for the development of man in a friendly environment.
The degree offered in this department is B. Sc (Industrial Chemistry)

The Industrial Chemistry programme is designed to inculcate disciplined investigative character in the students to understand the science of chemistry in relation to other sciences and technology and its applicability in solving human problems in a non toxic environment. The graduates of industrial chemistry should be well balanced citizens who contribute meaningfully to the industrial, economic and political developments globally, and of their country in particular.


The objectives of the programme are:
  • To create awareness in students of the vast natural resources endowed to man in our environment for exploitation chemically for man’s development
  • To make the students know the nature : structure, composition, properties and uses of these resources and the laws governing their general characteristics.
  • To produce skill graduates in industrial chemistry, who can manipulate natural products or create (synthesize) substances in the laboratory as well as in the industrial system.
  • To produce skill workers in chemical industries.
  • To produce teachers in Chemistry at the secondary school level and prepare them for higher degree courses in chemical sciences.