In line with the vision of Veritas University and the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, the Department also seeks to create and maintain an academic environment based on modern science and technology.


To produce scientists who are abreast with the current methodologies in science and technology to enable them compete favourably with their contemporaries all over the world.


Science and Technology has in the past few decades played very vital role in the transformation of some global once rural economies to great economic powers as seen in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil, China, South Korea, etc. The Department of Biological Sciences seeks therefore to educate and train men and women as the vanguards of a scientific and technological revolution that will make Nigeria one of the top twenty countries in the world come 2020. We are focused and our emphasis is not only on theory but also on practical aspects of Science.



In line with the stated philosophy, the Department since its inception in 2008 has been deeply involved in teaching practical and relevant Biological Science courses in order to produce relevant and skilled manpower for the country’s needs and the society at large.

 The programme therefore, aims at producing graduates who will be useful in the following areas of the country’s needs:

  1. Secondary and Tertiary Institutions
  2. Research Institutions and Universities
  3. Hospitals, Agricultural and Forestry Establishments
  4. Ministries, Oil Companies and Foreign Services
  5. Libraries (Science Reference Librarians) etc.