To be recognized as a center for excellence in Biochemistrythat provides an atmosphere for acquiring skills in identifying the link between biological/molecular and human resources which can be transformed to enhance the quality of life.


To identity issues that need biochemical interventionlocally and globally and develop intelligent, analytical, moral and biochemical approaches in solving such problems.

  1. To provide proper education in the field of Biochemistry; this will enable students acquire the techniques required by different production sectors of the economy including breweries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, cosmetic industries, petrochemical industries, agricultural and research institutes.
  2. To provide a comprehensive training in theory and practice to students ofBiochemistry who having acquired the qualification can work as Graduate Assistant in Universities and other tertiary Institutions, or serve as biochemists in research institutes, industrial establishment or in service laboratories of hospitals.
  3. To employ in vitro and in vivo approaches in the science of biochemistry which will enable the students remain at the cutting edge of biochemical, biomedical and molecular research.
  4. To provide basic training in theoretical and practical Biochemistry that give students the necessary eligibility for post graduate studies leading to the award of MSc, MPhil or PhD degree in Biochemistry and related fields.
  5. To provide the students with necessary background that will enable them to discover new and relevant techniques in Biochemistry and related disciplines.
  6. To provide the students with necessary theoretical and practical background and tools needed for self-awareness, self-reliance and survival in the world of today