Campus Ministry


Pious Societies

  • The Board of Lectors (Lay Readers)

    The Board of Lectors (Lay Readers) breaks open the treasure of God’s word to the people in order for the word of God to take flesh in their minds & hearts. It proclaims the word at all liturgical celebrations in the Chaplaincy. Membership is open to every baptized and practicing catholic who is a communicant.

  • Sacred Heart Of Jesus And Immaculate Heart Of Mary

    Sacred heart of Jesus and immaculate heart of Mary meeting holds every holy Thursday while the normal meeting hold every first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every month and when there is feast of sacred heart. And our uniform is red and white but will have sacred heart uniform which we wear it occasionally.

  • Divine Mercy Devotion (Motto: Jesus I Trust In You)

    Divine mercy from its origin, has it that the devotion / prayer should be said at 3.00 am and 3.00pm every day, why? Because in the Catholic Doctrine this time is the hour of mercy, where we beg pardon for our sins, and also make our petitions to God who is the ultimate and the overall ruler of mankind.