Campus Ministry


St. John the Baptist Chaplaincy


The Chaplaincy in every catholic institution serves as a veritable instrument for the actualization of the set objectives and mission of the institution. Veritas University Chaplaincy has as its primary objective to engage and support members of veritas university family-staff, students and the host communities in their spiritual, moral and socio-cultural development. This is in consonance with the call by Pope John Paul II on the entire Church to show interest in Catholic Universities as they are "essential to her growth and to the development of Christian culture and human progress" (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, no.11) The office of the Chaplain is responsible for articulating a vision as well as acquiring and developing the necessary resources for implementing this vision.

The responsibilities include:
1. Convening the community for prayer and worship
2. Providing a pastoral presence n campus
3. Facilitating social justice, community service and outreach activities
4. Offering catechetical instructions for faith building
5. Providing pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and retreat oppurtunities.
These are embedded in our monthly and weekly chaplaincy activities.